Majestic Oysters continue a tradition of Oyster Farming in the remote clear rich fresh waters of the Atlantic Ocean, in the bay of Donegal on the North West coastline of Ireland. A tradition that produces the finest oysters available today. Our seed oyster is carefully graded (as with all stages of cultivation) to ensure the highest quality possible. Experts in the traditional craft are on hand at each stage to ensure we maintain maximum quality through all stages. Our inter-tidal farms are spread over 3 sites- each in different stages of growth:- Seed, growth & full maturity at 3 years. Constant attention to thinning, turning and grading ensure our unmatched standard of oyster. The unique conditions in Donegal bay provide the perfect conditions for rich full-meat oyster growth. Our experts have conducted extensive research into these rare conditions and the benefits can be tasted in our delicious product. So try the heavenly fruits of our labour today and experience oysters as they were meant to be. We at Majestic Oysters love our work so you can love our product.